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Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours is about 95% repeat client and referrals and is best known for their service, availability and attention to detail.  Since 1979,  No matter where you go or what you see, you’ll always enjoy our personalized service. We keep the rates affordable so as many people as would like to experience our escorted tours may do so.

“You’ll experience all that your destination has to offer,” whether that be the Russian Ballet in Odessa, walking the Great Wall in China, or a Dinner Cruise down the Nile River. Experience the culture and the sights and enjoy the people of the many places you will visit.

“Travel the World” with Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours.  You will feel like royalty.   Come experience the beauty, the culture, the similarities and the differences of the many people and places around the world.  Allow our many years of experience and passion for fulfilling your dreams to give you a  “Lifetime of Memories.”