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Each year, we have contracts on hundreds of different cruises itineraries, on several cruise lines many of which may include Ship Board Credit, Special Amenities and Reduced Deposits.  Let us know where your dream cruise leads you, and we will match you up with the best option for your next cruise adventure.
Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours will customize your itinerary to fit your needs.  We’ll include little "out of the way places" that you might never know about otherwise.  You can depend on us to make your visit unique. You can enjoy an experience of a lifetime during the day, and maybe dance the night away to folkloric music at a festive dinner in old town Vienna. “You’ll experience all that your destination has to offer,” whether that be the Russian Ballet in Odessa, walking the Great Wall in China, or a Dinner Cruise down the Nile River. Experience the culture and the sights and enjoy the people of the many places you will visit.