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"Adventure is something you seek for pleasure, but experience is what really happens to you in the long run; the truth that finally overtakes you."
Being overwhelmed by the sights, sound, smells, tastes, and time lines, I could only begin to process the meaning of what had just happened. What an experience!!
Thank you so much for providing such a meaningful opportunity.  I always felt protected without being stifled.  I appreciated your presence daily as I would a visit from my own mother; assuring me and encouraging me to live life to the fullest.  With all my physical needs being met, I could relax and just be in the moment.  Thank you for your flawless attention to detail and your ability to "keep the line moving".  CF
Adeline, it is really YOU that made this trip so amazing.  I can't even imagine another travel agent doing for us, as much as you do, that's probably because you're more than a travel agent, you're a true friend and I just love you so very much for all the care and comforts you make
available to all of us. I met some wonderful people on this trip.  And I know I
shall keep in touch with many of them.
So thank you Adeline, thank you so very much for an amazing Journey and adventure.  CF

I have been working with Adeline at Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours for sometime. She may well be the most informed tour operator I have dealt with in my 30 plus years traveling. Even though Adeline has a very specialized market, she knows it, inside and out. I would not hesitate to recommend Adeline and Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours / Adoration Tours again and again.  RM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Really love working with you, it has been so easy. You are a true professional and so efficient.
Thank you for your attention to detail. LR
Our Tour could not have been better!  I appreciate you so much Adeline for all your expertise in making these trips so wonderful.   I wake up during the night thinking about our experiences Thank you again for everything.  KL
We originally met Adeline when we booked an Italian Tour.  She arranged and hosted our group of 108 people and we enjoyed it immensely.  During the tour she displayed outstanding knowledge of the area and its history and also showed her care for her clients especially when one person became ill.  Her friendliness and expertise is always a  bonus for any traveler.  We recommend her as a travel agent to all our friends and family.   B & L 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sweet Adeline's takes the fear out of international travel.
Adeline is there from before the process begins until after the process ends.
Sweet Adeline's gives the most value for the travel dollar not just by keeping rates low, but by filling each travel day with exciting events.
If any issues arise, it is addressed on the spot.
Sweet Adeline's has the highest level of personal concern.
You get to see and do things the average traveler doesn't see and do;  things the average traveler doesn't even know about. 
Some travel agents just show you a country.  Sweet Adeline helps you experience one.  JC