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Why Sweet Adeline's Travel & Tours

Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours is about 95% repeat client and referrals and is best known for their service, availability and attention to detail.  Since 1979, our vast experience organizing tours and cruises shows in everything we do.  Our escorted tours are personalized and organized specifically with the needs and desires of each group in mind.  We offer you “Tours of Distinction” with the highest integrity and greatest value for your investment, escorted by highly trained professional tour managers.  Because of our long relationships with our suppliers and tour managers, we obtain for our clients the best centrally located hotels, meals both in banquet rooms and even share a meal with the locals in their favorite restaurants.  No matter where you go or what you see, you’ll always enjoy our personalized service. We keep the rates affordable so as many people as would like to experience our escorted tours may do so.

Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours will customize your itinerary to fit your needs.  We’ll include little "out of the way places" that you might never know about otherwise.  You can depend on us to make your visit unique. You can enjoy an experience of a lifetime during the day, and maybe dance the night away to folkloric music at a festive dinner in old town Vienna.
Each year, we have contracts on hundreds of different cruises itineraries, on several cruise lines many of which may include Ship Board Credit, Special Amenities and Reduced Deposits.  Let us know where your dream cruise leads you, and we will match you up with the best option for your next cruise adventure.
“You’ll experience all that your destination has to offer,” whether that be the Russian Ballet in Odessa, walking the Great Wall in China, or a Dinner Cruise down the Nile River. Experience the culture and the sights and enjoy the people of the many places you will visit.

If your group is in the Los Angeles area, your Sweet Adeline’s experience will begin with a ‘document meeting.’  We’ll give you hints on what to bring and what to wear, as well as background information on what you will visit.   More importantly, you’ll have a chance to meet your fellow travelers, all of them on a different path yet somehow on a journey very much like your own.  

“Travel the World” with Sweet Adeline’s Travel & Tours.  You will feel like royalty.   Come experience the beauty, the culture, the similarities and the differences of the many people and places around the world.  Allow our many years of experience and passion for fulfilling your dreams to give you a  “Lifetime of Memories.”
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